- This is a fun event for family spectator entertainment. At all times the safety of everyone around, and entertainment of the crowd is the ultimate goal of these rules and regulations. Event organizers have final say in all matters.

- Helmet, gloves, and appropriate footwear required - coveralls are recommended

- All mowers must pass a tech inspection before being allowed to race. Any unit considered by tech inspectors to be dangerous or a hazard to spectators, other racers or the driver will not be allowed to race until hazards are addressed to their satisfaction.

- No drugs or alcohol allowed in the pit area. Anyone determined to be under the influence of drugs and or alcohol will be disqualified from racing.

- Safe steering, working brakes, safe tires, and tether kill switch are required.

- Batteries must be securely fastened to the mower and covered. Mounting under the hood or seat are acceptable protection.

- Fuel tanks must be proper metal or plastic approved fuel tanks, mounted securely covered and protected. All original fuel tanks in original positions are acceptable.

- Sharp corners, edges or protrusions should be removed, blunted or protected.

- Throttle must have an effective spring return- foot throttle or steering wheel mounted squeeze throttles are acceptable.

- Lowering, modification of wheelbases, and reinforcement of frame is allowed.

- Tires must be of original lawnmower equipment style- ie turf/agricultural tires.

- Motors must be agricultural-style single or twin cylinder Briggs/Kohler/etc- type originally equipped on lawn tractors. Removal or bypassing of governors is acceptable. No restrictions for mod classes.

- Transmissions must be belt driven, original lawn tractor style. Modifications are allowed to gearing, welding of differentials, etc. No restrictions for mod classes.

- Mower deck may be retained however blades must be removed.-Any belt or chain or other moving parts must be guarded unless covered on the underside of the tractor.

- No addition of suspension

Yellowhead International Speedway