The general rules and regulations shall apply to each and every driver, owner, mechanic, crew member, pit personnel and/or team member if applicable.  All participants are subject to the rules and regulations.  Any claimed ignorance of the rules will not be accepted or tolerated as an excuse.  In the even questions arise, creating the need for another rules, the executive members of the Parkland Racing Association will make all final decisions.



All drivers and pit crew MUST sign a waiver and wear identifying marker (wristband, hand stamp etc.).

Reduce speed when entering pit road and pit area.  NO PIT RACING AT ANY TIME!!!

Sleeved shirts, long pants and closed toed shoes must be worn by all racers and members of the pit crew at all times.

NO alcohol allowed in the pit area during an event.  Anyone who has consumed alcohol prior to or during the races will not be allowed in the pit area that day.

All drivers and owners assume responsibility for their pit crew and any vehicles in the pit area.

All cars are to be in place and ready to race ONE HOUR prior to racing.

Three people and driver only are allowed in each pit area.

All pit people must pay pit admission.

No one less than 12 years of age is allowed in a pit crew.

 Any minor under the age of 18 is required to have a parent or legal guardian present at the race event to sign a minor participant waiver which allows the minor to participate in any race or pit event.  This minor must be over the age of 14 years in order to drive in any event being held at Yellowhead International Speedway.

Flag tower and timing tower are off limits to everyone with the exception of those individuals sanctioned as help, at all times.

Tower personnel are off limits to everyone other than sanctioned help during the race.

All vehicles and trailers are to be left in designated area during racing.

Race cars do not enter the track until pit personnel indicate it is safe to do so.

Maintain an orderly fashion when setting up in pit area.

After final race please clean up pit area and put garbage in supplied containers.

Each race vehicle must have a minimum 5lb extinguisher in its pit stall.

It is mandatory that all drivers and pit crew members must attend a pre-race meeting.  Failure to attend will result in race vehicle starting at the rear of race of each event.

The responsibility for knowing which race and what position a race vehicle is in rests with the driver and or pit crew personnel of each vehicle.

At no time during racing will complaints be brought to the attention of the pit boss or the events coordinator.  After the race has finished, any problems can be brought forth to the pit boss in an orderly and respectful fashion.  Any further disputes are to be brought to the attention of the club president or in absence of the president, to the vice president.

Cars have the right-of-way in the pits at all times; please keep your eyes and ears open!!

Failure to comply with pit rules or any judgments made by officials of Yellowhead Speedway will result in disqualification and/or fines depending on the infraction.

At no time during an event will the driver get out of the vehicle while it is on the track area or past the pit fence unless the driver is in imminent danger.  If there is a problem with the race vehicle (i.e. Mechanical failure or crash), the driver is asked to lower the window net and signal that he/she is okay and will stay in the vehicle until directed by track safety officials to do otherwise.

Absolutely no stopping at pit gate or on pit road when leaving the racing surface or area unless ordered to do so by the pit boss by a visible stop sign held in a fashion that all cars behind can readily see.

When in the pit area the pit boss is the main official and the “go to” person should questions arise.

The flag person will be in control of the racetrack side and all flags must be understood by all the drivers prior to the start of any race.

Green flag= go or continue racing

Yellow flag= caution, go slow, do not race back to the tower, reduce speed immediately and racing order will be reset to last completed green flag lap.

Red flag= stop as soon as safely possible where you are until directed by tower to do so otherwise.

Crossed red and yellow= proceed to start/finish line and stop to have racing order reset

Crossed green and white= race 1/2 completed.

Waving green and white= 2 laps to go.

White flag= last lap

Black with yellow circle= mechanical flag, proceed to pits for repair.

Black flag= d/q for reasons to be explained at the end of race day.

Blue flag= leaders are about to pass, hold your line and allow leaders to race.

Checkered black/white= winner/end of race

All racers will be responsible for looking from the back stretch to see what flag is being displayed and again on the front stretch.  Race according to flags.

At the end of any and all race days 1 cool down lap is allowed plus a victory lap by the winner with checkered flag in hand and possibility of a short interview with the announcer when returning to flag tower.  ABSOLUTELY NO SHOWBOATING (i.e. Donuts, burnouts etc.) WILL BE TOLERATED.

All race starts and restarts will be double file.  On a restart after a yellow or red flag, the race leader has choice of inside or outside position.  The initial start of any race will be determined by race officials.

The car or cars causing the caution will start at the back of the restarted field.

Aggressive racing is encouraged but “dirty” racing, out of control racing, will not be tolerated and dealt with by officials on a case by case basis.

Pace Laps

During pace laps proceed at a slower speed.  On the indicated last pace lap coming to the green flag (indicated by a “boxed” green flag while on the back stretch) it is suggested to exit turn 4 at approximately 2000-2500 rpm as determined by leaders and will only start when green flag is waived.

If the start is jumped, the start will be waved off and try again.

Absolutely no passing on the inside of turn 1 on green flag starts or restarts.

No passing on starts or restarts before the flag tower. 




Prior to any race event, any car may be subject to a safety inspection by Yellowhead Speedway officials and may be disqualified from competing until violations are corrected.

Only one person shall occupy a car at any time while the vehicle is at speed.  Passenger allowed in car during race if the car is equipped with a racing seat, 5 point harness, window net, as well as 3 horizontal door bars in roll cage on right side of the car.  Age limitations will be enforced; restraints must be properly used and fitted.  All other applicable safety regulations in regards to race suits, helmets and footwear MUST be followed.

All start/finish lines will be below the flag tower.

No car may drive onto the track without pit bosses permission during the event.

Maximum speed limit in the pit area at any time must be off idle in your racing gear.  Any car exceeding the speed limit will be subject to a fine.

If at any time during a race a car is assisted off the track (does not leave under its own power) in any fashion, the car will be out of that race.

At any time a car is on the track (packing track, hot laps, etc.), the driver will wear a helmet, neck brace, fire retardant gloves, seat belts, racing suit and have the window net fastened.

Any car that leaves the track under green flag racing or yellow will not be allowed to re-enter the track unless prior arrangements have been made.




One vehicle per class may be qualified by a driver.  The driver who qualifies the vehicle must race to feature race, unless starting at the rear of the field.

Order of time trials may be determined by draw for random order as per the pit boss’ discretion.

Cars qualifying through time trials must do so in the time allowed.  Racers must be fully prepared before entering the lineup for qualifying.  Any delay will be sufficient reason to deny qualifying.  The pit boss’ decision is final.  Cars not timed in will start at the rear of the field.

Two timed laps will be recorded with the faster time being the official qualifying time.  One qualifying attempt per vehicle unless a second time is requested by the timing tower personnel.



Yellowhead International Speedway reserves the right to set up an inspection area and determine how many people are allowed in this area.

Yellowhead International Speedway officials in charge of the race meet shall determine the method and type of car inspection as well as which cars will be inspected, and have the right to rule on all aspects of a race vehicle including building, safety and performance areas.

A vehicle not complying with regulations will not be allowed to compete until such infractions are corrected and re-inspected.



Placing Heat race Feature race

1st 10 20

2nd 8 18

3rd 6 16

4th 4 14

5th 2 12

6th 2 10

7th 2 8

8th 2 6

9th 2 4

10th 2 2

11th 2 2

And so on


Anyone taking the starting green flag gets at least one point HOWEVER:

You must take the green and complete the heat or feature race to get placing points.

Points go to the vehicle in a registered class.  Vehicle must meet class rules.  Main drivers in hobby, thunder, or street class may not collect points in mechanics or ladies races.

Mechanics and ladies races line up first come first served with thunders at the front, streets at the back with other classes placing according to speed at the discretion of track officials.

Cars DO NOT race back to the yellow, double file restarts line up according to order on last completed green lap with the leader having lane choice.

Lapped cars will start at the back of the field.

Any cars assisted on the track by a tow or push vehicle will be out of that race under any circumstances.

If there is a yellow flag before the completion of the first lap, restart is double file.

Car causing yellow flag (to the flag person’s discretion) will restart at the rear of the field behind lapped cars.

Pit boss has same authority as flag person; pit boss controls starts, entry and exit from track, and pit conduct.

If you receive an open black flag, you will start at the back of the pack for the next race.

Two open black flags and you are out for the remainder of the day.

Track officials have the right to suspend racers for their conduct.

Flag tower and timing tower are off limits to racers at all times.


Yellowhead International Speedway