Hyper Scape Hacks- Your Guide Towards Victory

Hyper scape is a virtual free to play, one person, shooting battle game. It is developed by Unisoft and will be available to play on Microsoft, Xbox and play station 4. Unisoft opened the beta program on 12 July 2020 and will launch the game on 11 August 2020 for Microsoft, Xbox, and play station 4 users. The game is set in the future were on a spot in a distinguished battleground players battle with each other. The game’s concept is that the game starts with 99 players dropped down in a place on a map, which shrinks with time and players battle with each other for survival and with the time a crown appears and whomsoever player can hold on to the crown for more than 45 seconds without being deceived, ultimately wins the game. The game also supports live streaming, which makes it more interactive and interesting. In this article, we will learn about hyper scape hacks that will help you while playing the game.

Hyper Scape Hacks

Hacks to help you while playing-

Here are some of the lifesaving hacks that will save you while playing hyper scape-

  • Heal- The most important hack one needs to know about is healing, healing from your injuries even during a game is the most important part. Hacks for healing will help you to immediately heal from the damages caused to you or any teammate close to you. At least one of your squad members should have access to this hack, to stay longer in the game.
  • Wall- As the name suggests wall hack provides you with a wall that can be used during battle struggles or firefights as a shield to protect yourself from getting injured. When getting chased by an enemy, this wall can be used by you to restrict a path or getting saved from gunfire.
  • Teleport- As suggested by the name, the teleport hack helps the player to escape from an enemy by teleporting himself/herself to a nearby different location in whatever direction he is facing.
  • Invisibility- One of the best hacks of the hyper scape is to get invisible, this hack allows the player to get invisible and reposition himself/herself from the current danger. One thing is to be kept in mind that the player becomes visible once he/she fires, so make sure to be ready before firing.

So, concluding for now with these of the best hyper scape hacks one can use while playing the game to survive for a long time and win the crown and the game. Hope this article will help you shortly while playing the game. Stay safe and play safer!