Is having a website essential?  But this is precisely what makes the digital market of pharmacies interesting today: the few that have so far invested in online communication are acquiring a decisive competitive advantage. Especially at a time when building customer loyalty and finding new ones thanks to innovative channels can prove to be the most powerful antidote to the crisis BestRx pharmacy software.

Get found online

The availability on search engines is one of the great advantages of having an updated website, well organized and in which some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) measures have been taken for correct indexing on Google and other search engines. Proper optimization for mobile devices will increase the chances of being found by those who need a nearby pharmacy while out and browsing the web on a smartphone or tablet.

Give information about the point of sale

The pharmacy website is the ideal place to provide  and up-to-date information to the public. For example, regaccuratearding the services offered and the opening hours and shifts. It is very important to view the point of sale on digital maps and possibly provide instructions on how to reach the pharmacy.

Communicate news, promotions, initiatives

Announcing offers, events, promotional days is easy if you have a website that works as a news amplifier on the net. The site can also be dedicated to giving advice and answering questions posed by users. The presence of multimedia contents (photo gallery, video) will help users to know (and recognize) your point of sale more easily.

Customer loyalty

If we activate features such as the newsletter on the site, the pharmacy will be able to periodically send communications to a directory of regular customers. If we also integrate social widgets on the site, we can use it to increase, for example, the fans of the Facebook page. We can also enable an online booking service for outpatient services, consultations, treatments on the website.


On a website with e-commerce functionality it is also possible to make direct online sales of parapharmaceuticals, cosmetics, supplements, food products, etc. As an alternative to direct sales on the web, which in any case requires a demanding investment from a structural and organizational point of view, a simple offer window can be activated, with ongoing promotions, to stimulate customers to return to visit the store.