What Is A Code Of Conduct

A code of conduct is a collection or set of principles, rules, and policies about how employees can and cannot behave during working hours. It outlines the internal guidelines for all employees and is an external statement of corporate values and commitment. A code of contact can foster employee retention and loyalty. Also, code contact serves as a framework for making ethical business decisions. It also serves as a communication tool for employees, customers, and stakeholders. Furthermore, it informsĀ bodyguards for hire about how a particular company is thereupon joining.

Criterias should follow as a Private Security Guards

  • He Should carry his license, identification card, and duty detail order and firearms.
  • He should not use his license and other privileges to the president of the web, that client our customers, and his agency
  • Should not engage in any unnecessary conversation with anybody except in the discharge of duties.
  • He can refrain from reading newspapers, and magazines.
  • He should know the location of the fire alarm.
  • He should know to operate any Fire extinguisher at his post.
  • He should immediately notify the police in case of any sign of this order, strike, write, or any serious violation of the law.
  • He should know the location of the telephone number of the police, well as the telephone numbers of the fire stations in the locality.
  • Should not participate in any disorder, protests or any serious violation of the law.
  • He should strictly follow the private security agency and its implementing rules and regulations
  • He should not lend his firearms to any.
  • He should be in proper uniform with his requirements and equipment such as a writing notebook, a Ball pen, and nice radio.
  • Endeavor to be worthy of the trust and confidence of the agency he represents and the client he serves

Overall, the bodyguards for hire got to be honest without any personal prejudice, and protect the employee. The duties performed with diligence, decorum, and professionalism, must be confidentially honored and upheld.