Whenever a person is unable to use any particular part of their body due to any medical or physical condition, they are said to have a disability. They are also known as specially abled people. There was a time in the past when the specially abled were bullied heavily. They were unfortunately considered to be secondĀ  class Or inferior citizens who deserved less than normal. However over time the situation of the society has changed drastically. The specially abled community has been granted many rights over the years. There are specialĀ disability lawyers who dedicate their entire careers for fighting for the rights for the underprivileged.

How are specially abled people discriminated against in our society?

Almost decades ago there was a time when people’s worst nightmare could be being disable. Apart from the physical and mental trauma that one endures during a disability, there was also the added problem of one feeling almost shunned and excluded from the society. These were times when only the abled society was able to access the society and the services it had to offer. Accessible services like ramps and no touch gates where almost impossible to find. However over time a lot changed. Today services such as these are so common and necessary that if a public place does not make themselves accessible to the specially abled society then they open themselves to a lot of legal liability. There has been a lot of effort made in the past years to make public places more accessible for people and to make their lives easier.

Today the world has evolved so much that the lines between the abled and the specially abled have been blurred to a great extent. While there has been a lot of work done, and all the progress and development has to be credited to many activists and social workers who devote their entire lives towards people who are different from them and while it is true that a lot of work has been done for the community it is also true that we as a society are nowhere near to where we should be.