Carpets are important. They are even influential, as some might say. Confused? Carpets are not only a necessity in homes to keep them warm, but a style statement and a little pretty piece to own. Want to amp up your monotonous living room? Add a quirky carpet. Want to bring some color to your bedroom? You guessed it, carpet! Huge empty walls? Just hang a carpet on the walls to make a fun interior choice.

But as beautiful as these rectangular pieces are, they tend to get dirty pretty fast, pretty much and they can be a tad bit tricky to clean neatly. Carpets are also notorious to get spots on them from the unruly guests and their tea habits. Keeping them nice and clean ensures their longevity and keeps the charm of the home alive.

So, we’ve curated the best ways to clean your pretty carpets from the comfort of your own home to keep them bright and alive by commercial carpet cleaning service in Fort Collins, CO.

1. Vacuum those dirty boys

The easiest way to get the dirt off of your carpets is to vacuum them. Take off the carpet from its place and hang them in an open space and dust them first. This gets rid of the extra dirt. Then, lay your carpet down flat and vacuum it corner to corner.

2. Give them a good scrub

Wet your carpets with water and pour a good scrub on them generously. You can even DIY your scrub with items available at home such as baking soda and salt. Sprinkle the mix generously on your carpet and scrub with a big brush.

3. Hit the right spots

Have a spot you can’t get rid of? Purchase a spot cleaner online, they seem to get the work done.

4. Dry them at last

Make sure that your carpet is dry before you lay them in your room again. Sun dry them for a few days to ensure they’re crisp dry.

In case you don’t have the time or the patience to do it yourself, there are multiple cleaners and companies out there who will do it for you.