For children, it can be the house of candy, not sure whether it is the fairy or witch residing there. For parents, it is the place to discipline their ward. For grandparents, well, they can’t even imagine sending away their bundles of joy. For every person in the story, a boarding school has a different role to play.

A foe or a friend- which side of the coin?

It has always been a taboo- you find your child misbehaving, then send him to boarding school! But that is not how it works. It is everything that a school provides a day-scholar. In addition to everything, the student learns to be independent. Children often misunderstand their parents on this matter. They assume that their parents have lost affection for them. This step is, though, the toughest and best one, a parent can take to give a beautiful shape to the mould of clay. Since, the future of a child is at stake, tossing a coin won’t help it, isn’t it?

It has always been a taboo- you find your child misbehaving,

Benefits provided by it

As mentioned earlier, it provides ‘everything’. This everything includes the points below-

  • These are a school with good ambience and a great teaching faculty. Since they accommodate students on the campus, the faculty is well trained to manage any kind of circumstance.
  • An excellent faculty, a better grasp of concepts. Children are curious beings, always wandering in thoughts and a box full of ideas. This planet of considerate inhabitants gives them a wide range of exploration.
  • Students live in hostels. Hostel- the word itself takes everyone to a different world. The life in a hostel is quite ecstatic and wonderful- a whole new experience.
  • Who would want to depend on others for day-to-day activities, in such an independent nation? This independence and freedom are provided here. Children learn to fulfil their daily agendas- from simple laundry to bigger projects.
  • Interaction helps in building up of one’s character and personality. This phase is perfect for it. Children get a chance to interact with different kids from differentareas, residing there. There is an exchange of cultural knowledge.
  • For children with travel desires, who don’t get a chance to travel through, can consider this as a good change in their life. They won’t stay there forever, right? Travelling back and forth from their second home can freshen up their mind and smile.

These are some general factors that everyone usually looks for in the matter of education for their child.

Recently, there has been quite an uproar about the mismanagement and mishandling of kids, prevailing in boarding schools. But, every seed in the pod of peas is not infected. It is not a devil that haunts children. It is not an angel that harbours the soul. It might be an alien at first butit eventually makes you feel at home. Education is a mixture of academics, knowledge, extracurricular and freedom, and this is the place where children get a tinch of all.