MMR or MatchMaking Ranking is crucial in Dota 2. Players love to play because of the competition it brings. Your MMR increases every time you win a ranked game. Most players do their best for Dota 2 boost. One way of increasing your MMR is by learning how to play one or two metacharacters. If you have no idea where to start, here are the best heroes to boost MMR in Dota 2.


Carry is the core of all teams and must have the greatest micro. You should try Phantom Lancer, Terrorblade, or Phantom Assassin.

Phantom Assassin. This is one of the strongest and most exploding carry heroes in Dota 2. She has a very well-rounded skill set giving her mobility and evasion. Her chance to deliver massive critical strikes often kill her enemies with only a few swings. Hunting down vulnerable heroes is her specialty. She uses Stifling Dagger to slow the enemy down and leaps past defenses with Phantom Strike. Her complete dependence on landing physical critical attacks make her susceptible to disables.

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Heroes who need some levels to become stronger often prefer the middle lane. Storm Spirit, Invoker, and Outworld Devourer are great heroes for the mid-lane.

Invoker. A ranged hero focused on the intelligence aspect. Players find him difficult to master. One of his uniqueness is his total of fourteen abilities in his arsenal. He draws the heat from an enemy to chill them to their very core. It will cause the enemy to freeze for quite a bit when he or she takes damage. He is a fearsome laner when he focuses on the Exort reagent earlier in the game.


The most interesting lane in Dota 2 is the hard lane. You have a lot of options for a hero you want to dominate the lane. A hard-laner finds gold and experience even if they lost their lane. Hard-laners, like Tusk, Beastmaster, and Centaur Warrunner, can increase your MMR.

Beastmaster. This versatile melee strength hero can summon a hawk and boar for help. Each of them has a good amount of utility for his team. Beastmaster is a powerful off-laner. You should pick him to improve your MMR. He has a high pushing potential and a powerful disabling skill. You can climb the MMR ladder fast if you master using this hero.

Some do not care about the MMR and focus on enjoying the game, but you can enjoy and increase your MMR at the same time.