1.    Introduction

Beverages play an important role in the lives of people throughout the world nowadays. People are like without having a beverage they feel like it’s quite tough to start the day. Beverages are kick start thing  nowadays. Previously people used to supply beverages in plastic cups but now everyone is getting upgraded to the user paper cups because plastic cups are difficult to biodegrades and also causing a lot of changes in our ecosystem so it is better do use paper cups and everyone should upgrade to paper cups and paper bags and  minimize plastic usage.Here is the best online website which provide you three delivery, customizable, high quality, no minimum order acceptance and also various funky shapes they provide and here are the website details double wall coffee cups

2.    Usage of eco friendly cups

  • Nowadays usage of plastic has been immensely increasing and even though the government is promoting rules to banish plastic. One such good initiative was taken by the hot drinks company and manufacturing paper cups that is double wall coffee cups
  • One should encourage uses of paper products as they are biodegradable and also eco friendly and should minimize the usage of plastic because plastic takes years to decayAnd also it is creating lot of changes in the layers of the earth thereby resulting in earthquakes, tsunami’s etc.
  • So one should promote usage of paper products rather than usage of plastic products and government of respective country should take initiative to do this.

  • You can think that changing a plastic beverage cup to papergirl brings a lot of change in the environment because each and every person who are going to work nowadays will have at least a beverage in the morning, by the usage of paper cup you can bring a lot of change in the environment
  • Each and every hoarding shop and also people in the society should realize and promote the usage of paper cup all around the world
  • As these are made up of high quality it cannot be molded easily when an hot drink is poured in it and these R insulated and each and everyone can hold it firmly till their last sip and also it doesn’t heard the fingers of the customers.


I suggest everyone to use paper cups and also promote the use of paper cups and reduce the usage of plastic as maximum as possible and also nowadays they are made up of high quality paper and the website above mentioned provides you customizable and the accept low minimum order, and they are affordable, they also provide you various services like best customer service, free delivery and they are available all the time so that you can order your customizable, funky cups by visiting their website they will be delivered as soon as possible and they are customer friendly.