These days there are free-standing emergency rooms. These are physically and structurally unattached to any hospital facility. This may, however, be affiliated or owned by a certain hospital. However, complete care freestanding emergency rooms are not affiliated or owned by any hospital. Many patients may be surprised to know the different benefits that a freestanding emergency room offers:

Low to No Wait Times

One of the worst reasons for patients to be anxious in hospitals during a medical emergency is the long wait to get treatment while suffering in pain. This is not the case in any freestanding emergency room service. The hospital’s staff works efficiently and effectively to ensure that you will be checked by a doctor immediately and provided the medicine you need quickly.

Emergency Room


Closer to Home

The major purpose of a freestanding emergency care service is to provide potentially life-saving emergency care that is closer to home. This is important when there are no hospitals nearby. This means faster care for your loved ones when every minute matters to save their lives.

24-Hour Emergency Care Operation

Freestanding emergency rooms operate 24/7 for 365 days for everyone’s convenience. Medical facilities often have set days and hours of operation and most of these are closed on holidays. This is not beneficial if the patient’s medical condition is serious or life threatening. Emergencies happen anytime, and it gives you peace of mind to know that you can have an Emergency Room and care services whenever you need it.

Diagnostic Tests

The lobby of a freestanding emergency department contains laboratory and imaging services which are often done outside of the emergency room. This means that you don’t have to wait in line to have an X-ray or a CT scan and wait again to see the results.

Reduced Contagion

Another main concern among patients sent to hospitals apart from the long wait time is the increased risk of catching a contagious illness from another patient who is also waiting. Chances are you may not even realize it until you are back home. This only adds to the medical condition that you have to handle. A freestanding emergency room has a short wait time which reduces the chances of your getting infected with any contagious disease.

One-Stop Shop

In a freestanding emergency room and care service facility, you can get your prescription before you leave the facility. This means you can get treated, get your medicines, and go home each time you get into a medical emergency.