With a risk for the back

On an 18-hole course, 264 to 450 calories are burned per hour. Golf increases the body’s resistance and improves the cardiovascular system. Avoid it though if you have back problems.


Golf has changed, it is no longer just an elite game but a sport suitable for all ages, and above all for women . In the world there are over 55 million people who choose golf and practice it regularly with great passion. Playing golf is also a great opportunity to socialize, have fun and keep fit. According to some British researchers, a golfer who plays once a week on an 18-hole course burns 264 to 450 calories an hour and can consume 2,500 calories overall community association management.


Golf is a sport that is good for health by combining physical and mental well -being. According to a Swedish study, playing golf regularly on the green could give up to five more years of life, while a sedentary lifestyle causes more than 3 million deaths a year. Here are 10 benefits of golf for our health .

It protects against cardiovascular diseases, because it positively affects the levels of lipids, insulin and glucose in the blood and body composition.

It improves the cardiovascular system, with a decrease in cholesterol levels.

It isĀ  useful in the rehabilitation phases for those who have had heart attacks and heart disease.

Improves respiratory and heart function, thanks to long walks.

Improves breathing skills in asthmatic children.

It improves muscle endurance and function, especially in mature age.

It improves balance and therefore prevents the risk of accidental falls, thanks to the movement that takes place in the swing.

Increases stamina, joint flexibility and muscle power.

It helps to prevent depression, improving the mood, being practiced in the open air in the middle of nature and greenery.

It helps to keep anxiety under control and to express one’s creativity in coming out of difficult situations.