If you plan to lay a captivating coating in a production workshop, you must look for specialized PVC tiles. PVC tiles are perfect for any interior. You can easily choose the best vinyl plank flooring in Decatur, IL, for classic, Provence, Loft, and modern style. The range is diverse: white and dark tiles, materials laid underwood, pebbles, metal, carpet floors, and textiles.

 Features and specifications 

PVC tile manufacturers produce two types of materials:

  • Homogeneous,
  • Heterogeneous,

A homogeneous layer consists of a single layer. Homogeneous coatings are available in a variety of colors. However, the pattern on such layers is almost identical.

Heterogeneous materials have several layers, the main one being protective. The latter is responsible for decoration: it affects the color and pattern of the tile.

 Heterogeneous coatings can mimic: 

  • wooden floors;
  • artificial stone;
  • meadows.

PVC tiles are a serious “competitor” for linoleum, parquet, or laminate floor coverings, thanks to these technical parameters. At cost, it is more profitable than wood veneer; in terms of laying, it is easier than linoleum in rolling warmer than ceramic and stone tiles.


Manufacturers offer several types of PVC tiles. To determine a better material, you need to understand the characteristics of each. Therefore, the following types of linoleum tiles are offered in the market:

  • Self–adhesive- Such products are in very high demand due to their easy installation. Thanks to the self-adhesive base, laying the floor on a non-flowing surface provided is possible;
  • Glue for Adhesive tile- For installing the product, use special glue to lay PVC flooring. It can connect the material with rough coating;
  • Modular with locking connection- Key connections such as “thorns” are used to lay modular tiles. Floor installation does not require glue on the wrong side of the material. Strategic flooring is ideal for finishing “floating” floors, as well as for rooms with a high level of terrain.


The main advantage of PVC tiles is high wear resistance. This material can maintain its aesthetic quality for 10 years. Even if you accidentally damage a piece of floor, you can quickly replace it with your own hands. In rooms with moderate traffic are allowed to use semi-commercial materials. Floors on objects with high permeability should be finished only with commercial cladding.