Beach vacations may be the perfect time for some vacationers to unwind. Their beach hotel is the ideal place to swim, collect seashells, and cool off. Ocean trips can also offer adrenaline-pumping opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. This article lists the three top water sports at Princess Bayside Beach Hotel.

Jet Skiing

Jet skis are powerful machines. A motorbike engine’s acceleration is similar to a boat engine’s output. Jet ski riders should expect a fantastic experience. However, they need to be careful. Jet skis are very fast and powerful, so a novice might not control one. To have a safe experience on the water, always wear the right safety gear and research safe handling techniques.


Imagine flying a kite using a boat. Imagine someone attached to a canopy like a parachute replacing the kite. That can be understood as parasailing.

Depending on the canopy, two or three people can sit simultaneously. Parasailing can take riders up to 600-1200 feet in the air. The sensation is similar to flying without wings. The activity of choice for those who want to fly like a bird through the air is parasailing.


With paddles and boards, riders navigate the water. There are many kinds of panels and many types of materials.

An incredible exercise routine is standing up paddling. You can easily cover four miles and burn 200-500 calories per hour in recreational conditions. Your core strength and balance will be improved as multiple muscle groups will be worked. This sport’s low-impact nature protects your joints.


Boats with closed decks are generally used for kayaking. Several kayaks feature a seat-on-top design. Some are inflatable, while others combine the two.

While on the water, there is also the possibility to relax. It is also possible to entertain guests on the right boat. While you’re out on the water, enjoy some drinks or a meal.

Taking part in the top sports at Princess Bayside Beach Hotel can prove to be a great experience. In the water, there is endless fun to be had. Take part in the exciting nightlife of the city after the sunsets.